Emma is home!

After five gruelling month in the USA, the Hoolin family are delighted to finally be back home in Wigan!

Emma’s treatment has gone as well as we could have possibly hoped. Her last scans showed that there is currently no sign of cancer. Emma is growing stronger by the day.

The Hoolins are taking some time to settle back in to everyday life. Emma is looking forward to starting school and she is thoroughly enjoying being back home amongst family and friends.

The future starts now and hopefully it is one free from cancer!



Emma is coming Home!

After nearly 5 month in Philadelphia brave Emma’s return to the UK is imminent!

All being well the Hoolin family will be travelling home to Wigan towards the end of next week.

We are delighted to report that Emma is doing really well and has come through her last round of treatment without any complications.

The family can not wait to get home and return to a more normal existence at home surrounded by family and friends.

Emma can’t wait to have her first day at school and to meet her teachers and class mates and her big sister Lily is also eager to return to school to see all her friends.

A huge thank you to everyone who has made Emma’s treatment possible!!!






We have reached the half way mark

After a nice but different Christmas at Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, it has been a though start to the year for Emma.

She is back  in hospital receiving her third round of Immunotherapy treatment. She is now  approximately half way through her treatment schedule. Treatment can be very painful so, at the moment Emma is very tired as she is receiving a combination of  pain-relief drugs to help her with the side effects. Emma is being as brave as ever, she is a true little star.

This week preparations for another scan has started and a bone marrow and a theraphin sample is due to be taken from her pelvis bone. We are hoping that the results from these tests are positive and that at this stage,  there is no trace of the disease.

Over the next  couple of month Emma is due to receive another three rounds of treatment, she  will be scanned again towards the end of April and if the results from these  scans and accompanying test are favourable , the Hoolin family will be on their way home.

It is so very important for Emma to be  receiving this Immunotherapy treatment. The IL2 and GM-CSF drugs work by revving  up the immune system and the antibodies mark any Neuorblastoma  cells that have survived previous treatments in order to help  Emma’s body to fight these off.

- Again, it is impossible to express the gratitude that we feel towards all the amazing, generous people that have made treatment possible, giving Emma the very best chance at life.

Lots of love, The Hoolin’s


Target Reached – We could not have done it without you!

We would like to thank each and every person who has helped us to achieve our fundraising target of £211K and get Emma to America for neuroblastoma treatment.

We find it difficult to put into words and convey to the wonderful people of Wigan and beyond what their kindness in extending such a lifeline to Emma means to us.

We hope to keep you up to date with Emma’s progress in America. We also plan to continue our fundraising as we do not know what the future will hold. All upcoming events are as important as the events that have already been held and supported.

Emma might develop complications, as many children do when they receive the treatment, and may have to spend time in intensive care. We know that this would cost at least $10,000 – for just one night.

Even if the treatment is successful, Emma’s future remains uncertain as neuroblastoma has a high relapse rate and there are currently no relapse protocols in the UK.

Getting the best treatment for neuroblastoma can be incredibly expensive so we hope that people will continue to support Emma’s appeal to give our little girl the best possible chance.

We feel that the people of Wigan have taken Emma to their hearts and are so grateful for your enormous kindness. Thank you to every person that has made treatment for Emma possible. We could simply not have done it without you.

Jill, Mark, Lily and Emma Hoolin, Philadelphia, USA, 21 November 2011



Emma has arrived in Philadelphia

Emma and family have arrived in Philadelphia after a smooth flight. They have spent their first night at Ronald McDonald House. Both Emma and Lily are very taken with the house as they got to stay the night in the Crayola Crayon room – apparently it is fab! 

The family are scheduled to move to another Ronald McDonald House closer to the hospital  where Emma will be treated in the next few days. Then they will spend their time familiarising themselves with their new surroundings, meeting the doctors and generally preparing for Emma’s treatment to start. 

Again, from the bottom of our hearts - thank you - to everyone who has helped and is helping to make treatment for Emma a reality!

Emma’s in the News

Emma is in the Wigan Observer again this week. They have been covering Emma’s story for the past few weeks and were at Woodfield School this Wednesday to cover the Ballon Launch.

This event coincided with World Day at the school, one day each school year that the children dress up in national costumes of their chosen country. This year the day was chosen to help publicise Emma’s plight. The children all gathered in the playground and released helium ballons containing information on how to donate to the appeal by text message.

Wigan Observer have been helping the appeal to publicise this day as the day to “text for Emma”. Hopefully this will help to push the appeal much nearer to the total.

And so many thanks goes to all the staff at the Wigan observer newspaper for their help over the past few (and hopefully coming) weeks.

Emma Guest of Honour

Today the amazing Emma is guest of honour at the Wigan Athletic vs. Bolton Wanderers game. She will be making a special appearance on the pitch at half term. We are hoping from support on home gound form all the lovely Latics and Wanderers supporters. – Like Jill Emma’s mum says ” she is worth every penny”.