Emma is home!

After five gruelling month in the USA, the Hoolin family are delighted to finally be back home in Wigan!

Emma’s treatment has gone as well as we could have possibly hoped. Her last scans showed that there is currently no sign of cancer. Emma is growing stronger by the day.

The Hoolins are taking some time to settle back in to everyday life. Emma is looking forward to starting school and she is thoroughly enjoying being back home amongst family and friends.

The future starts now and hopefully it is one free from cancer!



Emma is coming Home!

After nearly 5 month in Philadelphia brave Emma’s return to the UK is imminent!

All being well the Hoolin family will be travelling home to Wigan towards the end of next week.

We are delighted to report that Emma is doing really well and has come through her last round of treatment without any complications.

The family can not wait to get home and return to a more normal existence at home surrounded by family and friends.

Emma can’t wait to have her first day at school and to meet her teachers and class mates and her big sister Lily is also eager to return to school to see all her friends.

A huge thank you to everyone who has made Emma’s treatment possible!!!






Wednesday 7 March

Lovely Lardy Latics pedalling for Emma – Ex Wigan Athletics players Neill Rimmer & Matt Jackson, cycled  from Wigan to Norwich with two colleagues in support of Emma.  Final destination was Latics vs. Norwich game on Sunday 11th March. They raised a fab: TBC

Follow their adventures on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lardy-Latics/380814985264322 and Twitter account is @lardylatics.