We have reached the half way mark

After a nice but different Christmas at Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, it has been a though start to the year for Emma.

She is back  in hospital receiving her third round of Immunotherapy treatment. She is now  approximately half way through her treatment schedule. Treatment can be very painful so, at the moment Emma is very tired as she is receiving a combination of  pain-relief drugs to help her with the side effects. Emma is being as brave as ever, she is a true little star.

This week preparations for another scan has started and a bone marrow and a theraphin sample is due to be taken from her pelvis bone. We are hoping that the results from these tests are positive and that at this stage,  there is no trace of the disease.

Over the next  couple of month Emma is due to receive another three rounds of treatment, she  will be scanned again towards the end of April and if the results from these  scans and accompanying test are favourable , the Hoolin family will be on their way home.

It is so very important for Emma to be  receiving this Immunotherapy treatment. The IL2 and GM-CSF drugs work by revving  up the immune system and the antibodies mark any Neuorblastoma  cells that have survived previous treatments in order to help  Emma’s body to fight these off.

- Again, it is impossible to express the gratitude that we feel towards all the amazing, generous people that have made treatment possible, giving Emma the very best chance at life.

Lots of love, The Hoolin’s